LaserCap HD
LaserCap HD
LaserCap HD
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LaserCap HD

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The Original LaserCap HD kit. FDA-cleared laser therapy for male and female pattern hair loss. The LaserCap HD contains 224 laser diodes, delivering a prescription-strength, 3.23 J/cm² dose of light energy to the hair follicles. Portable and discreet, use this hair growth laser cap for just 30 minutes every other day for thicker, healthier hair.


LIFETIME limited warranty policy



ONE-YEAR satisfaction guarantee


3.23 J/cm² Energy Dose
Standard Coverage Area
224 Laser Diodes

The LaserCap HD is best for

  • Moderate, more advanced hair loss
  • Hair loss on vertex/crown (top of head)

Female HD diode map Male HD diode map


  • Clinical Strength

    One of the most powerful laser hair therapy systems on the market today. The LaserCap HD is nearly 200% stronger than comparable devices.

  • Optimal Coverage

    The LaserCap HD has complete coverage of the scalp areas most affected by thinning and balding.

  • 650nm Laser

    The LaserCap HD delivers 650 nm light from 100% laser diodes, no LEDs. These specifications are the most clinically proven for hair growth.

  • Pulse wave emission

    Advanced pulse wave light emission switches the laser diodes on-and-off during treatment. Studies have demonstrated this promotes increased hair density vs. other devices using continuous wave emission.

  • Portable, hands free design

    Powered by a portable, rechargeable battery pack, using the LaserCap HD is as easy as wearing a hat. Treat your hair loss while you go about your daily routine.

  • Automated treatments

    After your treatment is completed our smart battery pack will notify you and auto-shut off the LaserCap HD device.

  • Convenient treatment protocol

    Improve the thickness of your hair by using this hair growth laser cap just 30 minutes every other day.

  • FDA-Cleared

    The LaserCap HD is FDA-cleared for treatment of pattern hair loss in men and women.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    The LaserCap HD is covered by our best-in-industry lifetime limited warranty policy.